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Vitruvius 1.11 (HEM)

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HUMAN and CONSERVATIVE for Windows 32bit and Windows 64bit HIGH END MACHINES. Includes some test files in epd and pgn format.

All things equal, the 64bit versions is about 30% faster than the 32bit version. If you have Windows© 32bit version installed on your computer, 64bit Vitruvius will not run. The program will stall also if you try to run the HEM (High End Machine) on a computer which does not have the necessary requirments.

(file: 3.3Mb)

Contact Information

  • Telephone: 0039 06 8813636
  • Fax: 0039 06 8813683
  • Address: Via G. Pacchiarotti 109/111, 00139, Roma, Italia

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