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Thus played Vitruvius

And you, how would you play?

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13-02-2013 in Competitions by admin
These days, chess played by computers has reached a new level of precision. Any desktop computer paired with the latest chess software…

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Good, old Vitruvius continues to win…

21-11-2012 in Competitions by admin
Not bad old chap! CCRL is holding a tournament between the top engines, very pointedly entitled 'The champions', and Vitruvius…

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15-11-2012 in Competitions by admin
This year's edition (3rd) of the Italian Open Software Chess Cup was held in Rome, at the Galleria Alberto Sordi, on the 6th and…

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If only they had Vitruvius for a friend

13-03-2012 in Openings by admin
This series of articles will present positions and games where the help of Vitruvius could have made a difference to the outcome of…

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Human Test

12-03-2012 in Style of Play by Domenico Lattanzi
The aim of this test was to compare in a systematic way the ability of various Chess Engines to suggest or play human-type moves (positional…

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The opening according to Vitruvius

11-03-2012 in Openings by Andrea Manzo
In this first article I will show, in more detail than in the User's Manual, the principle which inspired the Vitruvius' team…

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Some Results…

12-02-2012 in Statistics by admin
Results of tests conducted by Ipman. Total games 4460 from a pool of 15 best known top chess engines with graphical representation…

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Match against Deep Rybka 4

10-02-2012 in Matches by admin
Vitruvius x64 (Human version) won convincingly; it didn't lose a game! I assigned to each engine its own Opening Book and both…

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User's Manual

10-02-2012 in Various by admin
Here you can navigate online through Vitruvius' User's Manual. You can print it, e-mail it to a friend and if you prefer you…

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A few words from the author

9-02-2012 in Various by admin
Il motore ideale dovrebbe avere lo stile dell'indimenticabile Garry Kasparov il quale riusciva, quasi per magia, a trovare degli…

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