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Thus played Vitruvius

And you, how would you play?

Game philosophy

3 Wednesday 11 January, 2012 in Vitruvius Chess by admin
In action against the program Freccia (Carugate, November 2011)
Games played between human players differ mightily from those played by computers: psychological pressure, surprise factor, fatigue and proness to blunder are only a few components which accompany any game between humans. Candidate moves discarded by computers (quite often only marginally inferior to those selected by the pruning algorithm) can prove to be infinitely more effective from a human point of view.

It is precisely these moves that Vitruvius has been tuned to find and favour. The algorithms used concentrate largely on positional considerations and the engine does not shun even the most outrageous of sacrifices. A very fluent example of such an achievement by our chess engine can be seen below:

Karpov-Kasparov, New York 1991

In this position Vitruvius ‘understands’ Kasparov's logic and suggests the the following surprising exchange sacrifice:

1… Txe3!

From a purely ‘numerical’ point of view the game is none the worse, but from a practical angle Black's chances have simply increased. This is typical of the approach creative human players adopt in over the board play!

Sample Game

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