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Thus played Vitruvius

And you, how would you play?

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0 13-02-2013 in Competitions by admin
These days, chess played by computers has reached a new level of precision. Any desktop computer paired with the latest chess software can beat a human Grandmaster relatively easily. This is one of the reasons the chess world is going to see yet another edition of Martin Thoresen's Chess Engine…

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Good, old Vitruvius continues to win…

0 21-11-2012 in Competitions by admin
Not bad old chap! CCRL is holding a tournament between the top engines, very pointedly entitled 'The champions', and Vitruvius is leading the pack thanks to some phantasmagoric wins against Equinox, Komodo and… Houdini-3!! Link to the tournament:

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ITALIAN OPEN CHESS SOFTWARE CUP – Rome, 6-7 october 2012

3 15-11-2012 in Competitions by admin
This year's edition (3rd) of the Italian Open Software Chess Cup was held in Rome, at the Galleria Alberto Sordi, on the 6th and 7th October. The event, organized by Giuseppe Sgro, was part of a larger one namely the 1st Clericus International Chess Championship.

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Emanuel Lasker,

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