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Thus played Vitruvius

And you, how would you play?

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If only they had Vitruvius for a friend

5 13-03-2012 in Openings by admin
This series of articles will present positions and games where the help of Vitruvius could have made a difference to the outcome of the game under examination. Of course this is only a semi-serious attempt to show how much the style of Vitruvius parallels that of strong human players.

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The opening according to Vitruvius

1 11-03-2012 in Openings by Andrea Manzo
In this first article I will show, in more detail than in the User's Manual, the principle which inspired the Vitruvius' team in the construction of the Opening Book. With the help of an example I will also show how well our Book integrates itself with the Chess Engine to produce a very original…

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